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Web Payment Center

Use our Online Payment Center to pay your GENCO loan from another financial institution. 

  • Pay your loan by phone with a debit card or ACH payment
  • Make your payment via the internet
  • Stop by any GENCO branch office
  • Celebrate the Convenience
To sign up for this service go to the blue Log In Button in the upper right hand corner of this screen.  Under Account, click on the down arrow and a drop down menu will appear, choose Web Payment Login, then select Enroll/Login and follow the prompts.

Note:   Web Payment Center processing fees.
Debit card or ACH fee is $12.00.  Self Service Online fee is $8.00.

Call to make a payment over the phone at 254-776-9550.

Opt in for our text notifications to remind you when your loan payment is due. No more worrying about forgetting to make a loan payment.
PayPrompt makes it easy to check your account balance, receive payment reminders and keep track of all your due dates. Best of all, it's free to use for all GENCO members.

Once your loan is established with GENCO, you may receive a test from us prompting you to opt in for this service.