Personal Audio Teller

PAT (Personal Audio Teller)

Call PAT today!

Use your telephone anywhere, anytime to inquire on any of the items listed below and much much more:
  • account balances
  • verify posted deposits
  • loan payments
  • check clearings
  • transfer funds between accounts (within the same account number)
  • request withdrawals by check
  • make inquiries on services
  • interest rates and dividend rates
  • calculate loan amortization
  • get a loan payoff amount
To receive a PAT application, call or come by the GENCO office location nearest you.

Applications may also be faxed to you for your convenience. Once GENCO processes your completed application, you are ready to use PAT!

Dial (254) 751-0660 or (800) 758-7729 for both English and Spanish.