Debit/ATM Card

Be on the Go

with your Debit/ATM card

Easy application! 
If you have a savings or checking account with GENCO, just stop by any convenient location and complete an ATM/Debit card application. 

No monthly card fee! 
  • Get instant access to your money from any ATM 
  • *NEW Digital Wallet accessible, add your debit card to Apple Pay(R), Google Pay TM or Samsung Pay (R) 
  • Make withdrawals from savings or checking 
  • Make point-of-sale (POS) purchases with your Debit card using funds from your checking account 
  • No monthly card fees 
  • Instant issue on our cards available
  • You can activate or change your PIN number anytime by calling 800-992-3808 or by logging into our mobile app, click on the CARDS icon.  
Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card:  800-472-3272
Troubleshooting for Digital Wallet:  844-646-5465

Your Digital Wallet Just got Bigger!

Your key to convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Your GENCO DEBIT/ATM card gives you access to digital payments with Apple Pay(R), Google Pay TM or Samsung Pay (R).  You can also make cash withdrawals from your savings or checking accounts at ATMS; transfer from one account to another (within the same account number); make account balance inquiries and pay for purchases with your debit card at participating retail locations anywhere MasterCard is accepted. 

Secure and protect your Debit Card 24/7 with My Card!

My Card is a FREE service for managing your purchases with a smartphone. Our easy-to-use interface gives you the power to limit transactions by geography, set spending amounts, define which merchants can process transactions, set alerts/controls and so much more. If you ever lose a card, you can quickly turn it off or back on when it's found or order a new one. 

My Card is found by clicking  "Cards" on the mobile app or  "Manage Cards" on your non mobile devices. 

Text Alerts

GENCO uses texting if we suspect fraud on your debit card. Save "37268" to your contacts list so you know it's" US" texting you. The fraud alert will ask the card holder to confirm or reject the purchase. If there is no response, a temporary hold may be placed on the card until the suspicious transaction has been verified. 

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