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skip a pay


skip a pay

With GENCO's skip a loan payment program you can        literally keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket!       
Or, you can spend it on your loved ones.       

It's entirely up to you which payment to skip.       
You can skip one payment on an eligible GENCO loan       
this November, December, or January 2022.      



  • The request must be received at least 5 business days prior to the due date.
  • The loan must have had 4 consecutive monthly payments made and may not have had any more than one extension or skip a loan payment in the previous twelve months.
  • Your GENCO FCU accounts and loans must be in good standing and current to qualify.
  • This program does not apply to real estate loans (including first, second, home improvement or equity loans), business loans, personal lines of credit, MasterCard or single payment notes.
  • Offer is subject to approval. Some restrictions apply.


Call 254-776-9550 or visit any one of our branch locations, fill out our a SKIP A PAY form,
and keep a months payment in your pocket. 

 Subject to approval. Line-of-credit, balloon loans, commercial/business loans, single pay, home improvement, home equity, real estate, MasterCard and any delinquent loans excluded. Interest accrues on all loans affected by this agreement. Skipping a loan payment may affect the amount of GAP claims. May cause maturity date extension. Please note all signers on the loan are required to sign this extension agreement. A $20 fee per loan will apply.

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auto art with 90 days no pay and spirit contest info