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» Online Payment Center

Starting NOW! You can use our Payment Center to make a one-time loan payment from another financial institution. Make loan payments on-line or over the phone from your checking and savings account at another financial institution at any time. You will never have to miss a loan payment again with our new convenient service.

  • Pay your loan by phone
  • Make your payment via the internet
  • Stop by any GENCO branch office
  • Celebrate the convenience!
Can't get to a computer? Come by a GENCO branch or call us directly and have our payment center make the transfer for you.

Credit Card or Debit Card payments are accepted only over the phone or in person.
Now transfer funds to your loan from another financial institution quickly and conveniently for instant payment.

A nominal fee applies when using the Payment Center: $5 fee for internet payment and a $10 fee for phone or in person payment.

Click here to begin!

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