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Be sure to delete your old app and load the new one from the app store.
Choosing "update" will not load all of the new features.

With our Mobile Banking App, you can easily manage your account anytime, anywhere. Check your balances, make transfers, pay bills, deposit checks, and more. You can sign up for Online Banking and for Mobile Banking when you download the app from the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ store.
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Biometric Security
Our Mobile app uses the latest in biometric technology to secure your mobile banking. Access is easy using facial recognition, fingerprints, or a username and password.

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Easily turn off and on or cancel your debit card with CardSecure in Online Banking or the Mobile App. If you need to report your card lost or stolen, quickly do so with Debit Card Lost/Stolen.

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Conveniently deposit your check through your Mobile App with the click of a button.
Please be sure to endorse your checks on the back with:   For Mobile Deposit Only - GENCO, and include your signature. There is a maximum daily deposit amount of $1,500. Deposits will not be instantly available, you will receive an email notification when it is deposited.  


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Know your credit score and more! We make it easy to know and manage your current score, understand the factors that affect it, and get tools to help you stay one-step ahead! 

We also offer Text Banking

Text Banking
Get basic account info or find the nearest branch or ATM via text with SMS Text Banking from GENCO. To access SMS Text Banking you need to enroll in online banking and register your mobile device under the "Mobile" option. 

With TXT Banking you may also receive Text Alerts that you preset, such as letting you know when your balance reaches a designated amount. Sign Up Today!

Setting up Text Banking:
Per our recent upgrade for Online Banking, the following only applies to current text banking users.  If you are NEW to text banking you do not have to do the following.

Once you are logged into Online Banking go to the “Mobile” option.
[You will need to do a reset for your devices] 
Under “My Devices” choose from the drop down menu “Stop using this device for Mobile Banking” , then “Go” to delete your device, do the same for ALL devices attached to your account.
Then click again on the Mobile tab and go through the steps to reregister the mobile device(s) for this account starting by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
The next page you will see all your mobile options. Check all the boxes/services that you want to apply and then continue.
Next you will be prompted to add a nickname to each account – these nicknames will only apply to Text Banking. You can also choose your time zone.

Please note there is a NEW number for TEXT BANKING: 39872.  If you have this information saved as a contact you will need to update it to the new 5 digit number.

Premium Text Alerts
GENCO uses texting if we suspect fraud on your debit card. Save "37268" to your contacts list so you know its" US" texting you.
Cardholders will get a text message whenever a potentially fraudulent purchase occurs. The fraud alert will ask they cardholder to confirm or reject the purchase. If there is no response, a temporary hold may be placed on the card until the suspicious transaction has been verified.

For more information on Mobile Deposit go to    Mobile Deposit Guidelines and Limits